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Topics on the subject of Statistics are known to be exciting and challenging. See, what we’ve collected for you from our best Statistics papers samples! In our free database you will find only high quality, professional and interesting paper. Grab ideas, see examples and create own perfect Statistics essay and research paper!
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The Company ABC
According to the discussion, The Company ABC, in studying the past performance, the assignment compares the past quarterly sales through statistical parameters such as mean, median, quartiles, and bar chart.  The future quarterly sales are predicted using regression analysis and moving average method.
4 pages (1000 words) , Essay
Population Growth
This paper concentrates on the analysis of the population size, composition, and growth rate, nations undertook a census every ten years to determine the population size for policy making purposes. It is also important in that it helps determine the dependency ratio. High population growth rate is usually a problem especially with limited resources in...
3 pages (750 words) , Case Study
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Customers Complain in Bottling Company
Since the customer’s claim that an ounce is less than 16. The tail of this test is left sided. With a critical value of 0.05, the z-table shows a reading of -1.645 (99.95%). If the z- test statistic falls on the left side of -1.645, then the null hypothesis is rejected, and the alternative is accepted instead.
3 pages (750 words) , Research Paper
Back Injuries In Workplace
This paper gives information that this working group submitted a memorandum on 27th May 1994 to the director, NIOSH which clearly concludes that an in-depth review of scientific literature related back belts, on evaluating the adequacy of data in support of the use of back belts in preventing work-related injuries was insufficient.
2 pages (500 words) , Essay
Analysis and Interpretation
Statistical assumptions are an important aspect of empirical studies. This study, just like any other study, applies some statistical assumptions in order to achieve the desired results. The statistical assumptions are: The mean difference is zero; The data is normally distributed; The variance of the two variables are equal.
6 pages (1500 words) , Statistics Project
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Essay on Statistics

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Statistics are necessary for scientific research because they allow the researchers to analyze empirical data needed to interpret the findings and draw conclusions based on the results of the research. According to Portney and Watkins (2009), all studies require a description of subjects and responses that are obtained through measuring central tendency, so all studies use descriptive statistics to present an appropriate use of statistical tests and the validity of data interpretation. Although descriptive statistics do not allow general conclusions and allow only limited interpretations, they are useful for understanding the study sample and establishing an appropriate framework for the further analysis in the study. Further analysis…show more content…

Normal distribution is a continuous probability distribution that shows a symmetrical bell-shaped curve on the frequency distribution graph because most scores are clustered close to the mean. The normal distribution displays constant characteristics, so it is predictable. In contrast to the normal frequency distribution distribution, a skewed distribution shows an asymmetric graph that can be positively skewed to the right or negatively skewed to the left, depending on the allocation of the median, mode, and mean which represent the three measures of central tendency and determine the outcome of frequency distribution results (Portney & Watkins, 2009). In a normal distribution, the mean, median, and mode have equal values, and all three values are directly under the peak of the curve. However, researchers are required to test their data for skewness during the initial analysis to prevent potential misinterpretations of the data (Portney & Watkins, 2009). In skewed distributions, the mean, median, and mode all have different values, and the mean is usually closer to the tail of the curve while the mode is at the peak of the curve, and the median is usually somewhere between the mean and mode in a skewed distribution (Portney & Watkins, 2009). Because all three values

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